December 4, 2010

There is supposed to be a picture of a world map and my words are supposed to be surrounding that map but I can not get it on here! So it does not really make any sense.

Traveling ….                                                              Albania                                                                                      Russia

                                                                                                             the world



                                                                                                                Be my dream

Uruguay                                                                                      Nigeria






Final Goals

November 19, 2010

My main goals for the remaing of this semester is to put together a short power point presentaion about the project. I am in the middle of picking and choosing certain information to put in it, focusing on the main points. I also want to focus a lot on the final and certain terms that I didnt quite get for the midterm. These are my concerns right now and with a little studying and some time, I will hopefully complete everything.


November 12, 2010

 You can barely see this picture.. But I will figure out a way to make it bigger.

Update for project

November 5, 2010

Samantha Pine

Eng. 379

5 November 2010

Update for Project

The main Questions that I am currently trying to answer about Breast cancer organization is How do they get go about getting the word out about their foundations. After interviewing a walker for the Avon Foundation, a breast cancer survivor and just a random person, I have realized that with all the breast cancer organizations there are, people are not very well informed about them. My Original focus for this project was specifically the Avon Foundation for Breast Cancer, but as I move along I realized that I could be the voice for multiple foundations.

I still have to interview someone from media for the Avon foundation as well as the American Cancer Society, just to get an idea on the steps they take to publicize their efforts for their specific causes. Most of my general research about breast cancer, low income families and breast cancer and a global outlook on breast cancer is completed. I am waiting for pictures from the support group I put together and will hopefully have those posted. Sorry they are not on my camera!


October 30, 2010
Samantha Pine

Blog post

28 Oct. 2010

Timothy Church is a skeptical individual. Numerous amounts of people love him and praise him while other don’t like him so much or speak badly about him. Mr. Church takes on multiple identities, he has followers of each identity and people who don’t agree with some of his identities.

In the mornings while I am sleeping or going about my daily routines I sometimes get a knock on the door from Mr. Church. This happens about twice a month. I answer the door with a smile on my face and listen to the theories and ideas that he has for me. Most of the time I respond with a thank you and have a good day.

When I was younger, on Sundays my mother would tell me I had to with her to visit Mr. Church. I would argue with my mom because I hated getting up early to see him. Since my mom was in control of me she would force me to go. I would visit for about an hour and learn about different things.

Sometimes when traveling around the city by foot, bus or train I have so many encounters with Mr. Church. I am offered pamphlets and readings from him. Sometimes in the same day I will see several of Mr. Churches identities. For each one that I meet, I am offered insight, thoughts and advice. Timothy Church is a man who takes on many forms. Some people may be happy with him while others are not. No matter what Timothy will most likely be around.

Trask Poem

October 14, 2010
Samantha Pine


Join the Game

Excitement, Fear, Energy

Right before a big game.

Anger, Intensity, “She’s out, Damn”

Recovery: Applause for the homerun

Last Inning

Tied game

Runner on Third

Catcher drops the ball

She steals, She scores

We have won the game.

The fans have gone wild

Joy: the feeling of being part of a team.


September 30, 2010

Samantha Pine

Professor Lee


Proposal : The Avon Foundation for Women
According to the American Cancer society about “39,840 women will die from breast cancer” and about “About 390 men will die from breast cancer”. These are large numbers and many people have come together to aid in the fight against the disease. The Avon foundation for Women is a public charity that raises money to help women and their families. The three things they focus on raising money for is Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence and emergency relief. Besides looking into all of these foundations I will focus mainly on the Avon walk for breast cancer. This walk takes place in different cities across America in hopes of raising enough money for research and to give “women and men the breast cancer screening, support and treatment they need regardless of their ability to pay”. In researching this foundation I intend to learn enough about it to become a 100% supporter of the foundation. My goal is to spread information and awareness about the fund so they can use their money to help spread education and awareness to others.

In order to obtain enough knowledge to follow through with my project I will first research the issue of breast cancer in general. I want to know who it effects and why? Possible treatment options and learn about the significance of pre-screening and early detection. I want to focus on how the needs for low income families either with their health insurance refusing coverage or no health insurance at all, are able to meet their needs. I will also look at the global spectrum. How are people affected throughout the rest of the world and not just in the United States? I want to learn ways that organizations (not just the Avon Foundation) are helping.

To be able to answer all my questions and get a solid feel for the Avon Foundation I plan on interviewing with at least one person within the foundation. I will go to the breast cancer walk talking place in NYC to volunteer with registration and data entry. I am in the midst of putting together a support group to cheer on the walkers for day 3 of the event. Many people are skeptical to donate money to certain charities and in meeting with people and volunteering I hope to gather enough information so I can spread the word of the charities benefits and be an advocate for the Avon foundation. I also plan on interviewing two walkers and at least one breast cancer survivor to gain insight on why they are doing the walk, how they found out about it, and If they are aware of any other Avon causes.

Throughout this process I hope to get guidance from the class possibly on what type of questions I can ask on my interviews. Although I have a basis for what I need and want to know I am interested to see what the rest of the class is curious about.

Annotated bibliography

American Cancer Society :: Information and Resources for Cancer: Breast, Colon,. Web. 23 Sept. 2010.

Prostate, Lung and Other Forms


This website has general information on many different types of cancers. It include research on the cancers like who it effects, what the symptoms are and how it is treated. There are also statistics about each cancer. Support groups are offered for family members and people effected by cancer.

Avon Foundation for Women: Homepage. Web. 23 Sept. 2010. <>.

This website includes information on the specific foundations that Avon supports.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: In It To End Breast Cancer. Web. 23 Sept. 2010.

This website is for specific information about the Avon walk for breast cancer. Through the site you will access walk information, where and when, for all cities that the walk takes place in. There is a question and answer section about that walk that tells you a little bit about the minimum donation requirement, the amount of walkers aloud and the specific reasons for the walk. There is also access to volunteer information and forms if someone chooses to volunteer.

Resistance Literature

September 22, 2010

Samantha Pine


Post 3

It is hard to give an exact definition for the term resistance literature. In my opinion there is not an exact meaning. A postcolonial writing is something written during the time changes have already taken affect on a culture. Literature written in either negative or positive response to this would be a type of resistance literature. Through writings it will be shown whether the author is in favor of the change or against and either way they are resisting accepting the change and their society for what it is. An author may write in there native language resisting change or they may right in another language to relay there messages to multiple cultures and people while resisting their cultural background by sticking to their native language.

Resistance literature can be written in many different ways. A narrative or a biography to tell the story of someone’s life. A work of non-fiction including some sort of historical context and even historical fiction. Poetry can also show examples of resistance literature.

An example of resistance literature would be The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat. The author a woman who grew up in Haiti until the age of 12 and than moved to the United States writes this piece of Historical fiction. Her character in the novel tells a story of struggles she encountered during a massacre in the Domican Republic where she was forced back to Haiti. When living in the Dominican Republic she adapted to culture because that was all she knew. She only returns to her Haiti by force not by choice.

The Period Poem

September 14, 2010
Samantha Pine
Blog 2


Period Poem

This poem is meant to mock the idea of Jose Villa’s “comma poems”. There is no significant meaning to the Period Poem. The words are plain and simple.


Love. Life. Hapiness.

Hate. Life. Sadness.

One. Both. Nothing.

Decisions. Good. Bad.

Outcomes. Good. Bad.

Results. Feelings. Questionable.

Life. Is. Life.

You. Never. Know.

Good. Or. Bad.

Just. Live. Life.

The bold lines are the start of a new stanza. I was not able to make a space for some reason.

The American Dream

September 4, 2010

Samantha Pine

Professor Travis Lee


     The American Dream is defined in many different ways. A common understanding of the American Dream was based on the view of the United States being a land open to many opportunities for everyone. A decent job, a home to live in and a good education for children were all a part of the dream but overtime these views have changed. Saint Nicholas is a young individual of the 21st Century who represents newer views and a somewhat different meaning of the American dream that is not necessarily a good thing.

     Saint Nicholas is a famous young male that has accomplished many things in his life. He sings and had a reality television show with his now ex-wife Jennifer Sampson. His handsome face and muscular tone allow the ladies to instantly be attracted to him. He is HOT, HOT, HOT with a body temperature of 98 degrees. He is a piece of eye candy for all and that perhaps had the most to do with his instantaneous stardom into the pop world. Lets not forget his ex-wife who was the picture perfect Barbie that many male viewers tuned in to watch and allowed Saint Nicholas to become well known amongst both men and women. With his popularity he was plagued with being a role model for people. Saint Nicholas satisfies new ideas of what people want to accomplish and how they want to live the American dream.

     Everyone these days wants instant fame. That is the best way that people think they can make money and get everything they need in life. Saint Nicholas being a model for people has been one of many to get his fame through singing. With his success we see many young people attempting to be like him. Singing lessons have become priorities in peoples lives. Children’s goals for the future went from police officers and firemen to pop artists and television stars. This can be related to Saint Nicholas’s well known appearance on T.V.

     Reality television is a new craze amongst people. Anyone over a certain age can sign up to be on them and once the show plays on television the cast become celebrities. Saint Nicholas was on the very popular show with his wife at the time called “The Not so Perfect Life”. It must have a good idea at the time to put their newly married life on display for the entire world to see but in the end there was disaster. Except of course for the part where they made a lot of money.

     Through role models such as Saint Nicholas people get the idea in there heads to make money fast and easily. For majority of the younger American population the definition of the American Dream differs from the common and old definition. The new belief is that pop stardom with lead to fame and fortune and that is ultimate success.

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